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Flexibility in the classroom

I was impressed by New York science teacher, Greg Benedis-Grab, in his blog. In his latest entry dated January 4, 2012 entitled “getting inspired by your studens” , he discussed how resourceful students can be and also how to be flexible in the classroom.Mr.Bendis-Grab made the point of how planning can interfere with spontaniety but points out that.

 If you have a clear understanding of your unit goals then flexibility can be built in without compromising the Science Standards or the scope and sequence of your science program.

I agree that planning is important and when the teacher is prepared he/she can accomodate changes to the lesson.Rhizomatic learning ,although being spontaneous ,does not exclude planning. From this blog I have strengthened my belief in planning and using students’ ideas and experiences to drive my lessons.There are a variety of experiences described by the blogger and science teachers can learn from his lessons .

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