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Reason for making this video: During the last christmas season, I saw long lines of shoppers waiting to have their presents giftwrapped. I thought much of their time waiting in line could have been used more productively, so if they were able to wrap their own gifts, then they could save valuable time.

How this video was made: video was recorded on phone, transferred to computer and uploaded into Windows Live Movie Maker. A music file was added, along with a picture.


Time goes by so fast

“When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours that’s relativity.” — Albert Einstein

At the time of writing there are four responses to the question I asked based on the talk by Neeru Khosla. Based on these , it is clear that all four agree and support the idea of using flexbooks in the classroom. My question was asking for the impact flexbooks would have on teaching and all the responses tried in some way to answer it,for example, poller#3 said

Through flexbooks I will be able to give my students the latest version of the texts we read.I don’t want my students to be outdated like their textbooks and Ithink flexbooks can change that.

Poller #4 was excited about the idea of being able to modify a text.He says

My teaching will become more enhanced…If  I am able to modify what is in the textbooks, that would be wonderful.

The poll yielded the kind of results I expected since most teachers are looking for ways to improve their instruction.Flexbooks have numerous advantages over traditional textbooks but adopting them to a large system like New York might be slightly problematic,(imagine all the bureaucratic red tape). Those of my colleagues who listened to the talk, might have had a fair idea of the possibilities of flexbooks in the classroom. To get a better idea of flexbooks it would be very helpful to see how it can actually  be used.A video presentation give a better understanding of this innovation.

Neeru Khosla describes all the advantages of flexbooks over textbooks.These are found here  A flexbook is a digital textbook that can be modified and adapted to serve whatever students and teachers need- it is a flexible textbook. It is an idea that is long overdue but now we have the technology to make it possible.Think about how grateful all those students will be, not having to carry around those heavy backpacks!

The CK-12 Foundation,founded in 2006,and funded by Neeru Khosla and her husband, has the ambitious goal of providing K-12 students access to high quality educational content ,for them to interact with by using a web-based format. These digital textbooks can be customized to suit different learning styles, languages, abilities and even locations.I like this idea since these materials can be updated and new ideas can be infused as they become available,  they meet state curriculum guidelines and best of all they are FREE.Here is a link of how a flexbook can be modified

This visual can be used to start a lesson in Earth Science on unconformities. It is obvious that one of the student in the picture does not recognize the importance of Siccar Point. Siccar Point is possibly the most famous site in all of geology. It was here that geologist Hutton was able to formulate his laws on unconformities and establish the principles of relative dating.

This can be used to discuss the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. This is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr., a quotation by Malcolm X and can be mistakenly attributed to Al Sharpton.

Zhaghzhagh (Persian) – The chattering of teeth from the cold or from rage.