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Visual Assignment K12-Lesson on Unconformity

This visual can be used to start a lesson in Earth Science on unconformities. It is obvious that one of the student in the picture does not recognize the importance of Siccar Point. Siccar Point is possibly the most famous site in all of geology. It was here that geologist Hutton was able to formulate his laws on unconformities and establish the principles of relative dating.


K12 Visual Assignment Troll Quotes

This can be used to discuss the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. This is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr., a quotation by Malcolm X and can be mistakenly attributed to Al Sharpton.

Words With No English Translation

Zhaghzhagh (Persian) – The chattering of teeth from the cold or from rage.


Picturing Prufrock

I have heard the mermaid singing This video describes a part of the poem “The Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock”, my guess would be that either still pictures of the waves were taken and photoshop tools were used to create motion or a video was taken. These were superimposed on the still picture of a girl and narration was added.